$20-$25 for DVDRecorders4free

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15-01-2009 16:35:23

Ok, so here's the plan. I have not been very active in the trading scene for quite some time, and it looks like most of the sites I was actively working on have since closed shop. However, I'm looking to get back in the game, and this is one of only 2 links I was actively working on. Since it has green refs already, it is what I'm going to use to try to come back.

Looking at my Karma, you will see that even with my long absence (more than 6 months), I am still on top of the game. I realize that trading has changed since I was last here, though, so here's what I'm thinking

I need 9 people who can green for me on DVDRecorders4free (part of the TRAINN network). I plan to pay on approval, regardless of TR standing. I realize that the trading scene, at least here, seems slow, so I'm also only going to give out my link when I have at least the 9 people. That way, I don't have people who go green who then have to wait weeks/months for the rest to go green.

I have a great deal of faith in this community, and I believe that we can get this done. If I can complete this site before the end of the month, I will be back with more sites to complete (I have signed up for quite a few over my days).

Payment will be $20, paid when the account is approved (aka when all 9 people go green). If 9 people agree to do my site, then go green before the end of the month, I will pay each person an additional $5. So, if you know people on the site who haven't done this site yet, this is a great way to make $20-$25 without breaking much of a sweat.


I'll record names and "commitment" dates here. When I have all 9 names, I will contact all of them and we can continue. And please, if you say you can do my site and then it turns out you can't, please let me know so I can keep this accurate. Thank you.

PM me if you are interested in joining the list/doing the site.

-The bunny with the hop, MMM