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15-01-2009 04:07:29

[b0c6cfd9296]I have an array of sites just waiting for you to make easy money. All sites will be paid ON APPROVAL[/size0c6cfd9296][/color0c6cfd9296](meaning once you have completed the site and i send it in for approval, you will be paid). Communication during this time will be strictly enforced to make sure both parties are equally aware and satisfied. I will be happy to assist anyone with any questions or problems they may have. I am online most of the day, so feel free to message me anytime. Now, on to business....[/b0c6cfd9296]

All sites require only one credit to go green. Most of them only require two offers to green. [/color0c6cfd9296]

http// [b0c6cfd9296]$20. EZ Site, go green for only two offers!!!! [/b0c6cfd9296] 1 Referral Needed!!
http// [b0c6cfd9296]$30[/b0c6cfd9296]. 1 Referral Needed!!

The Above Sites Are Top Priority![/size0c6cfd9296]

[b0c6cfd9296]I have more sites, but these are the ones i need done first! Remember, PM me for the referral link and i will send it to you. If you are a newbie, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I will be glad to help any and everyone. [/color0c6cfd9296][/b0c6cfd9296]

If you have doubts about proper crediting for a particular site, please refer to this thread[/size0c6cfd9296] http//

You must be [b0c6cfd9296]PayPal Verified[/b0c6cfd9296] as this is the only method of payment I send to. If you are interested, say so in this thread and PM me, and i will respond back A.S.A.P.[/color0c6cfd9296] )


16-01-2009 14:52:42

Let's make some money...Newbies are always welcomed )


18-01-2009 08:14:31

Let's Start Sunday Off With Some Money!!!!!!! )