I want to make ~300-500 in two weeks!

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unknown uchiha

03-01-2009 03:02:44

Which is why I'm whoring myself out again in the referral scene. Give me your best offers, I still know what the going rates are.

I am PayPal verified (duh!) and have been around since 2006, longer than most of you guys have been ) I've been through FreePay, OC, Trainn (back when those were the Big Three) and more! If you have SIGNIFICANTLY lower TR than me, as in 25% or less than I do (I go by this forum's TR. Having reputation on other sites is a plus, but it won't mean a thing if you have zero TR on FiPG), then I would expect some sort of prepayment arrangement. Not my intention to scam anybody, but "lower TR goes first" is the way I played it for more than a year. I'm willing to go first if you have at least half of the TR I do.

Let's get some trading going. I'm looking to make the most money in the least amount of time possible.

GOAL $300 to $500
BY January 15th, 2009
REASON Trip to LA!
PROGRESS 0% @ $0

Let's see what we can do, yeah?


05-01-2009 08:44:36

Got a few sites I'm working on

$30 - simulations.givafree - 1 offer (Referral Account type)

$32 - gogreen.git-r-free - 1 credit

$32 - garagesales.git-r-free - 1 credit

$32 - bonusipod - 1 credit

PM me or just intitate trade if you're interested. I have more sites with higher pay. Feel free to contact.


05-01-2009 15:33:20

im going to need someone to do ps3 for trainn name how much you want and ill debate if its reasonable


05-01-2009 15:46:50

Check out these http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=77395

let me know.


07-01-2009 12:22:35

I am offering
$90 for laptops.yourhugerewards.com
$70 for Audio.yourhugerewards.com
$50 for yourhugerewards.com
$30 for gas.yourhugerewards.com
Let me know if you are interested
These are 75 to 90% of the site payout to me.


08-01-2009 19:39:35

$235 to green my 8 credit GetAround,Git-R-Free...we've got equal TR, so you can trust I'm not gonna stiff ya. But if you only do 4 credits (which can show green too...that'll be $120 to ya)

Preview offers http//getaround.git-r-free.com/view_offers.php

It's not Nuitech, iDeal, and all...but it's the best I can do for all those offers needed. )



10-01-2009 20:45:39

Hey there. Here's my thread. Hope something looks good, cuz you're great to work with!!