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24-12-2008 15:23:48

I am not new to IFWs, although I am new to freeipodguide.com forum. Please check me out at freelunchroom.com. My screenname over there is cadance08. I have a TR of over 30 and am familiar with how the freebie world works.

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ZIPNADAZILCH (100% payout!) This week only!
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cash.zipnadazilch.com - $40
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liGuaranteed crediting for December
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Rocketbills.com - $48

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liWhat do the percentages mean??
The percentage shown is the percentage you will receive of the total money a trader receives for having you as their referral. For example, say a trader is getting $40 to have you as a referral and they are paying 80%, this means you will get $32. A "fair" percentage is 50%, I pay minimum 80%. You do the math!

liliIf you have a TR of 0-2, I will pay your first green with me on approval. Don't worry, this usually only takes an additional few hours after greening. Then any green after that I will pay instantly on green. Thanks for understanding!