Newbie will go green for you

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18-12-2008 08:30:56


Just started in this community. Looking to start my own list of refferals, so I will go green for you for cash to jump start my bank roll.

Found these sites interesting. They seem to pay more


I am open to suggestions. Let me know if there are better sites out there, and why I would choose to go green on them over these ones.

PM me or email me.


18-12-2008 10:12:49

sent you a pm


18-12-2008 10:54:17

I'll pay you $150 for a green at platinum.wish4free

I have other as well. http//


18-12-2008 13:12:03

Few high pay site for u

4-credit site - 1 ref cash out with Custom Order
$144 - http//
$144 - http//

5-credit site - 1 ref cash out with Custom Order
$176 - http//

I also provide bonuses for instant green as well.

Pm me if you're interested.

sandra habina

18-12-2008 13:51:00

PM sent with more info. )


18-12-2008 16:01:12

contact me I have 100s of sites to choose from and i have great payout


18-12-2008 19:32:50

babetran! Ref links! Naughty naughty.


18-12-2008 19:37:41

[quotef1f83e5d71="StickyMod"]babetran! Ref links! Naughty naughty.[/quotef1f83e5d71]

Truly sorry. I was copy n paste... oops


18-12-2008 20:04:50

I really wish those Casino site would allow US residents... Damn retarded government we have...

sandra habina

19-12-2008 00:08:28

Do you mean like IfunPlay? - those are for US. Newer offer on a site I have.


19-12-2008 05:31:53

Hi there, welcome! I would be happy to help you get started. I have some sites that I pay on green with just 1 offer and I have sites that will let you cash out when you refer just 1 person. Please get back to me and lets get started on building up your own list. Happy Holidays.