I Can go green on anything! (4TR+ Only Sorry)

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Pat The PC Guy

28-11-2008 11:05:21

[b43ef0ce895]Please contact me via AIM till further because I can only send 8PMs a day cuz im a n00b.[/b43ef0ce895][/color43ef0ce895][/size43ef0ce895]

I gotta make some $ I have ALL I repeat ALL sites available. I am only looking for PP so no trade offers please. I prefer to do 1 credit sites and preferably 1 offer but I am willing to work depending on the site and the PP offered. I really want to do a netflix offer, so if your site has that I will take care of you 1st! I know the rules, so I will go green 1st. Below is a list of users and what site I am doing for them and payment status. I think that covers it all. If you wanna set up a deal, AIM me.
[u43ef0ce895]THE LIST[/u43ef0ce895]
Twon-Rocketbills-$40 Paypal


28-11-2008 13:50:16

I've got tons of one credit sites... whats your AIM?

sandra habina

28-11-2008 14:57:57

TY contact on AIM with more info.


28-11-2008 19:37:55

Contact u now )

Pat The PC Guy

29-11-2008 16:00:38


Pat The PC Guy

01-12-2008 11:01:18

booing! )