Looking To Start On A Site - Can Sign Up For Anything - CASH

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18-11-2008 21:52:37

Looking to start on a site so I figure I should make a little bit of money for signing up and doing an offer. I'm an obvious newb and won't trad with anyone with less then 4 TR so we can get me some credit!

Looking to make at least $30... let me know!


19-11-2008 03:32:41

Hello, I have the following sites

http//bigcash.zipnadazilch.com/viewoffers.php $30

http//120.rocketbills.com/viewoffers.php $60 (2 credits)

http//bigcashout.wish4free.com/offers.php $30

http//yourhugerewards.com/offers.php $35

http//laptops.yourhugerewards.com/offers.php $60

Let me know if any of these interests you. Pm me for the links to get started.

sandra habina

19-11-2008 05:52:07

Welcome to trading and FIPG. I would love to work with you. I have some great easy 1 offer sites and others too. PM sent with more info.


19-11-2008 06:28:12

Hey! Check out my trading thread. http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=77395

There are some great sites for you to try.



19-11-2008 07:30:15

[bf1b0c67ecd]I gotta site has easy offers...one offer in particular...could get you $115 from me![/colorf1b0c67ecd]

PM for more details[/colorf1b0c67ecd]![/bf1b0c67ecd][/sizef1b0c67ecd]


19-11-2008 09:37:58

$30 - bonusplasma - 1 credit

$30 - women.givafree - 1 offer

$32 - cashrewards.git-r-free - 1 credit

$32 - gogreen.git-r-free - 1 credit

$64 - http//CutTheGrass.Git-R-Free.com/ - 2 credits

$64 - http//GetSkinny.Git-R-Free.com/ - 2 credits

$64 - http//MyBackyard.Git-R-Free.com/ - 2 credits

PM me if you're interested. Bonus is available.


19-11-2008 09:41:38

I have a site you may be interested in it is 1 offer to green and I am paying $30 for the green. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Thanks Wanda


19-11-2008 10:17:13

Babetran and Tanishaj PM ME as I am interested in the cash you are offering for green

sandra habina

20-11-2008 02:43:41

[quote7f9f05f8c6="JamesJohnson"]Babetran and Tanishaj PM ME as I am interested in the cash you are offering for green[/quote7f9f05f8c6]

You can click on their usernames and then their profile page comes us and you will see a PM private message tab. That way you can directly speak to the two traders above. Good Luck and happy trading.


22-11-2008 09:24:15

I have lots of great sites to choose from! PM me to get started right away!