30$ for green on this 1 ref cashout

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04-11-2008 18:53:24

i am paying 30$ for a green on http//www.kingofrewards.com/offers.php

i will pay right away when i get the money, i used to pay upfront , but got scammed twice by high tr , so i am trying to start again little by little with easy fast cashout, so that way both will get their money

pm right away

by the way, i am paypal verified so dont need to worry, and i have been here since april 07 on freeipodguideforum,
you can see that i have not a lot of tr but that because i started a year ago trading and it was easier to trade with new members since they were more trushworthy than now lol
i am trying to start back again to get my 4 tr, but it is hard took me 2 month to get 2 loll and i have been scammed twice by higher tr so cry
still hopefull to trade with honest member[/ba32cc8fcb1]