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22-10-2008 12:55:53

I'm going to be going on a little road trip next weekend for my 19th birthday with some friends. I would like to earn as much as possible before then. I haven't done any freebie sites in about a year so I am open to quite a lot. Please do not fill my inbox with requests for flashipods, yourfreeipods...etc I've done almost all of the classics.

[be1a2f723b3]When you respond please include the following[/be1a2f723b3]
-The URL to the site
-Offers list
-How much you are willing to pay

I would like to get these trades over with as fast as possible, so the more information you can provide me with in your initial message the better.

[be1a2f723b3]NO LOW BALL OFFERS[/be1a2f723b3]
I will be looking into each site, and researching the current going rate. Please do not waste my time by offering me $20 to do a site that regularly goes for $50. I will be checking.

Have a good day

PS to get a hold of me just post or pm. I will be getting on at least once a day if possible. I am a full time college student/employee my schedule is very busy, but I will be as accommodating as possible.


23-10-2008 11:20:59


Guys/Girls please remember TR rules are in place for a reason. Please do not pm me saying you will pay on green or approval if you have a lower TR than myself or none at all.


23-10-2008 13:11:06

hello and welcome back i will be pming you with a site i need done..


23-10-2008 14:39:18

Check your pm's.

sandra habina

23-10-2008 22:17:23

PM sent with some sites and info. Hope you have a great birthday )


23-10-2008 22:42:42

Liar! lol I didn't get anything from you Sandra. Thanks!


23-10-2008 22:58:23

Hi, I sent you a pm with the sites I have.


24-10-2008 08:24:25

I pay out 80% of my earnings on any Zipnadazilch sites. 5% bonus for instant green + 5% bonus for any additional site you complete.

You can check out ZPZ sites here. LMK whichever site you're interested.


They currently have Guarantee Crediting for October.


$30 - http// - 1 credit

$30 - http// - 1 credit

$10 bonus if you can do both of these sites

You will only need to complete 1 or 2 offers MAX to green here. Their crediting is amazing. MCR accepts for all offers w/ next day approval/denial, I heard.


Looking forward to work with u. )