I just need one referral. Easy to do and quick payment.

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=77535


07-10-2008 16:42:48

I just need one more referral and I will pay you immediately after going green. I also have some others listed below that I need completed as well. If anyone is interested just PM me and let me know which site you want to complete. Many are easy and cost either nothing at all or very little to complete. I am an honest trader and will pay you upon green and I hope to have the same level of honesty in return.

FlashiPods4free.com - only 1 more needed. $20.00

Giftmonkey.com - EASY! Earn $12.00 per point! Complete as many as you want and get PAID!!!

Yourhugerewards.com - 5 more needed. $40.00

YourFreeiStuff.com - 6 more needed. $25.00

YourGiftCards4free.com - 6 more needed. $30.00

wish4free.com - 5 more needed. $20.00

radio.123StuffForFree.com - 6 more needed. $18.00

paypal.2dollardeal.com - 11 more needed. $17.00


29-12-2008 14:38:45

what's the prices at the end? what you can get, or what you'll pay max?