All Done thank you for the trade!

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03-10-2008 21:38:35

liliUpdated 10/12/08 did a trade so I am now done with 123stuffforfree. Thank you!lili

Hello everyone. I am new to referral sites, but have done many DIY sites. I am looking for just one person to go green on

I will pay $25 if you can "Green" within 72 hours. I am very trust worthy (I know everyone would say that) but I will pay you via paypal as soon I see you went green.

I do ask that if you go red after going green you refund payment if you can solve the issue with 48 hours.

Interested? Please send me a PM or email and I will send the referral link.


05-10-2008 18:35:48

Bumping- I am waiting to pay someone!


05-10-2008 23:32:04

if your willing to do a g4g trade, I'll green for you.

[quote85c0cec187="Kimtwo"]Bumping- I am waiting to pay someone![/quote85c0cec187]


07-10-2008 08:25:08

Doing the trade..thanks!