Looking to do 1 Credit 1 Offer sites for cash

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28-09-2008 19:24:37

hey guys I need about $65-$70 to PAY FOR SOMETHING AND i'M LOOKING TO Do 1 credit sites where you only have to do 1 to 2 offers to go green. They also have to be proven legit( no OOds) and credit fast. If you guys have any sites like this and your offering what I need let me know.



28-09-2008 22:43:38

I have one offer sites. pmed

sandra habina

28-09-2008 22:56:40

PM sent with some site info. Look forward to working with you )


29-09-2008 05:49:13

I am paying $40 on green for desktopcomputers4free.com


29-09-2008 06:33:37

PMing you.


29-09-2008 08:21:40

send me pm, I have really easy 1 offer get paid sites. You only have to do 1 offer


29-09-2008 08:50:34

Pm u with some sites.


20-10-2008 17:10:59

hey, i am paying $45 for bigcash.allfreebieworld.com

if you are interested, please send me a PM. thanks.