Buy My Green on (Cash or Trade)

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19-09-2008 16:02:47

I am looking to green on (the new trainn site) I am a very experienced and have over 100 tr on other sites... I know that doesnt matter much here, but you can trust me to hook you up with a quick green. What I am looking for is the highest bidder for my green. I would like atleast $30 but show me what you got. I will also be accepting trades... the sites i need done are as follows

In that order... and if you are trading, I will happily green first as long as you have over 10 tr. So just pm me and I will get back to you within an hour or two (i will be checking them a lot today due to this post)... Or you can just post here... either way, hope to be greening for you soon!


19-09-2008 19:41:57

I have this site. Paying 27$ on green


21-09-2008 17:35:49

bump still looking


22-09-2008 05:18:15