I Will Green 4U on TRAINN Sites...Experienced Trader here!

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17-09-2008 08:00:59

Hey Guys,

I'm currently looking to go green on a few more TRAIIN sites.

I've done quite a few (see list below)


And I can do about 4 more TRAIIN sites. So if you have a TRAIIN site not listed above, then pls. send me your offer.

I'm a very experienced trader (have been doing this for over a year now, mostly in another trading forum, though most sites I completed and have cashed out on were not TRAIIN sites) and I will try to green for you within 1-3 days from trade confirmation.

If you're willing to pay at least $35 for each TRAIIN site, then pls. PM me. All others, please send me your best offer and I'll see if we can trade.

I look forward to working with you!



17-09-2008 10:54:00

I will PM you with my sites

sandra habina

18-09-2008 06:44:03

PM sent with some info. )