Pay instantly on green make up to $180,RAFFLE!

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Hello and Welcome to My thread![/colorea0e4033dc]

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How it works

Complete a site for me on or after September 3, 2008 and your name will be entered in a raffle to win $20. Your name will be entered again for every other site you complete for me so the more you do the better chance you have of winning. The drawing will be held on the day my TR reaches 20 and I will post the winner on my thread. Post a reply or PM me if you would like to get started. GOOD LUCK![/colorea0e4033dc][/sizeea0e4033dc]

I have 6 sites I am paying instantly on green for[/colorea0e4033dc]
Make sure not to sign up from these links or you will not get paid

I'm paying $12 for green on this easy half credit site[/sizeea0e4033dc][/colorea0e4033dc]

I'm Paying $20 on Green for these Sites[/sizeea0e4033dc]

ZeroPriceTags -
Free4Me Portal

I will Pay $40 for green on this site[/sizeea0e4033dc][/colorea0e4033dc]

V-Bux | Free Logitech Electronics | Choose your free prize

Go green on this site and I will pay you $50[/colorea0e4033dc][/sizeea0e4033dc]
Christmas on V-BUX

I also am Offering Bonuses for completing sites with me
$3 on the first site
$5 on the second
$7 on the third
$10 on the fourth[[/sizeea0e4033dc]/color]

I will help newbies every step of the way if you trade with me. A few weeks ago I was a newbie just like you and I made $200 in my first week now I am trying to work these sites and make even more and I will show you how to do it too!Also if you are a newbie I would recommend starting with the first four sites because they are easiest.[/colorea0e4033dc]

If you are a newbie interested in getting started or if you have done this before and are interested in completing the higher paying offers please PM me or post a reply to this thread.[/sizeea0e4033dc][/colorea0e4033dc]


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