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My name is Shanna and I am a stay at home mom to 3.
I am an official Project Payday Mentor and I am Verified with Free Lunch Room and Paypal!

I was once in your shoes. Feeling skeptical, nervous, overwhelmed, and intimidated! But, after reading many tutorials and working hand in hand with some GREAT mentors, I started this business (for less than $5) and made over $400 my first week!

I am patient, kind, helpful, and honest! I will provide you with all of the support you need to START as well as moving into METHOD 2 and 3! We are all here for the same reason...MONEY!
In July, I made almost $2500 Let me show you how!

Just >>>Reply Here<<< or PM me!
Just say "I am ready to start" or "Interested"

When you work with me, you get
li Live Support with AIM and/or Yahoo IM (I am lextri)
li The very easiest and fastest GREENING sites with loads of free and cheap offers!
li A MULTITUDE of sites to continue making FAST MONEY!
li Guides that will help you understand OFFERS and the GREENING process!
li FREE Spreadsheets that can keep track of all of your work!
li Super FAST payment on GREEN! I am on most of the day and night!
li BONUS, BONUS, and more BONUS….
li Step by Step Success Guides that will guide you SMOOTHLY through Method 1, Method 2, and beyond.
li Helpful ideas for creating your signature and trade thread!

"The sites you complete now, set up your success for later!"

The following links are for you to review offers! Do not to register on these sites without my referral link! You must PM me or Reply here for Referral Links to get you paid!

ONLY 1 offer to GREEN! Check it out..... $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 $15
Complete all 6 sites above and BONUS $15

or start with SUPER EASY starter sites!$22 (only a couple of free or cheap offers and you're green)
~~~ForceBucks -$32 (Greens you SUPER fast)
~~~ForceBucks -$60 (Only 1 easy credit for big payout)$32 (Super Easy Site to Complete)
~~~75 ExpressBux Network---$40 (Super FAST green)
~~~OurLoot2Boot - $60 Cash---$32 (Excellent Customer Service)$32 (Guarantees your GREEN)$32 (Incredible support)$32 (Promo...1 in 5 chance of winning extra $20)
~~~Cash.freeforallmankind---$20 (Owned by FreeLunchRoom)

Then add BONUS $5 for each additional trade you complete with me after the first!

Need More Sites....
Easy Greening 1 credit --FAST $$ Makers
liZero Cost Freebies---$20$20
liSILVER - Free Treasure Chest---$30
liFreebiePop 80cash---$40
liCustom Freebiez---$25
liDollar Deal Cash---$30

2-3 credit sites for Top Dollar payouts
liMacroBucks - Get Free Stuff TODAY!---$65
li120.RocketBills - Not Just Fast, Rocket Fast!---$75
liLaptops -$40
liMacroBucks - Get Stuff Free TODAY!---$40
liForceBucks -$75
liHDTV -- Prize Oasis---$75$75
liOurLoot2Boot - BiG Cash---$40
li100 ExpressBux Network---$65
liFreebiePop 120cash---$75

NOTE You must complete 3 of the above sites listed in green with me before completing the following Trainn site!$25 (1 offer is all you need to GREEN)

OK...Ready.....Let's Get Started!
If you don't see what you want...ASK...I probably have it!
If you are Canadian...just let me know and I will tell you which sites are Canadian friendly!

PM me Now or Reply to this Thread!

Trading Guidlines
li You MUST be Paypal Verified!
li AOL won't work on freebie sites!
li You will want to download and use Mozilla Firefox as your browser. Click Here to download it!
li You must have a credit card to complete freebie sites (prepaid will NOT work)!
li Once I have set up our trade in the trade manager, you must register for our site within 5 days or I will cancel the trade.
li I expect good communication! It is the only way I can help you earn money!!
li If you ever go red on any site and we cannot fix the problem, I will expect FULL refund within 48 hours! If I don't receive one, I will escalate a CLAIM on Paypal!
li If I suspect ANY suspicious activity on your end, I have the right to pay on approval!


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