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26-08-2008 08:16:28

Ok everybody I can finally start as I just got moved into my apartment I can start sites on 8/30/08 cause that's my payday and my debit card will be good to go I will start the bidding at [b08126e89de]MINUMUM OF $30 FOR 1 CREDIT SITE [/b08126e89de] I understand I am new so I don't mind waiting for approval although paying on green is a plus! Again I am setting up sites today so I can take all day on the 30th to complete all trades. I have done my research and I believe im good to go thanks. To whom this may concern I am Paypal Verified now.

[b08126e89de]MINUMUM OF $30 WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR A 1 CREDIT SITE[/b08126e89de] ALL OTHER OFFERS BELOW $30 WILL BE IGNORED[/size08126e89de]


26-08-2008 08:49:31

i have 30 dollar one credit sites


26-08-2008 09:18:21

1 offer sites

$30 - cams.givafree

$30 - women.givafree

$30 - simulations.givafree

1 credit sites

$32 - giftcards.prizeoasis

$48 - 60.prizeoasis

$48 - ps3.prizeoasis

Pm me to set up trade and get my ref link. )


26-08-2008 10:56:48

Hi there,

Here is what I have at the price range you are looking for

http// - $45 + $5 August bonus
http// - $32+ $5 August bonus
http// - $32+ $5 August bonus

I also offer bonuses.


26-08-2008 11:29:40

I have the following 1 credit/1 referral cash out sites

http// $30

http// $50

http// $30

http// $30

http// $30


26-08-2008 19:53:53

I am paying $35 for
Only 1 offer to go green.
Many free trial offers.
Don't miss out on this one.