--> DOING //NON CREDIT CARD\\ sites!!! <--

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25-08-2008 09:40:55

As the title say, I'm willing to try all non-credit card sites. Since I'm new to this whole business, no guarantees that I will be able to complete them, but I will do my best.

If I decide not to, I will immediately inform you so you know to find somebody else.

Please [b17d092edda]PM[/b17d092edda] me with the [b17d092edda]site[/b17d092edda], the [b17d092edda]referral link[/b17d092edda] and [b17d092edda]your cash offer for green[/b17d092edda]. Please, reasonable offers only, I will search around the site to see if how reasonable the offers are, I'm a newb, but im not stupid P

also, I am willing to do Cash offer for http//www.youripodtouch4free.com/ or any other Trainn sites offering an [b17d092edda]16gb Ipod touch[/b17d092edda].[/color17d092edda] Perferably non-cc but I'll still try if it needs a credit card.


25-08-2008 10:54:41

Welcome to FiPG d00d! D


25-08-2008 11:12:45

thanks D


25-08-2008 13:16:05

sent you a pm


03-09-2008 18:34:06

If you find non CC sites please let me know!