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24-08-2008 10:16:47

I am new at this site but I have been using freebies for quite some time..please this is all the cash I can offer at the moment please help me out... [b48359dbaee]I really don't care about paying the money I just need 4 referrals for my custom product!!! PLEASE HELP!!![/b48359dbaee]

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26-08-2008 20:38:33

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27-08-2008 04:19:40

Hi, I know you don't want newbies, but sinse you're experienced, i would feel comfortable going green for you. I hope you'll accept, please let me know, I'm interested in the (1 credit)I am paying $25 http// 1 referral=$60 offer!!!


30-08-2008 15:37:01

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