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19-08-2008 14:48:10

Come in and join the fun. I'm here to help you. Want to make some money today? Set up a trade with me and you will be making money in no time at all.

I was once new to this forum and felt a bit confused and overwhelmed. I've done freebie trading before but nothing like this. I didn't see how I could make big money so quickly. But you know what with the help of some very patient and understanding people I made it. I made over $200 in 2 days with this system and am continuing to make more each and every day. As you will see with the # of sites that I have, I have done this for awhile just not on this forum. I'm here to help you with whatever you need assistance in. Whether it is to learn how to green and make some quick cash, or to advance yourself and begin earning even more money. Keep in touch with me and we'll begin a very rewarding journey together. I'm an honest and reputable person to work with. Check out my feedback thus far and see for yourself.

I have a lot of sites that are easy to use and green on. The majority of them are forever green sites which is a plus when you move on to method 2. The list below shows you what I'm willing to pay on green with each one. Please do not click on the links. I won't be able to pay you if you don't use my personal link.

You must be paypal verified in order to receive payment. If you don't have a paypal account you can get one for free at
If at any time your account should go red and you've received your payment a full refund is expected.

If you would like to trade with me either leave me a reply or private message me. Once you've decided which site you would like to work on I will send you my personal link so you can get paid.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I will help you succeed. Working together we will make the most out of everything!

Brief List of Sites
lili Complete 3 sites with me and receive $10 Bonus on 3rd completion.lili

$20 Free For All Mankind upon approval
$20 40 Macro Bucks
$20 Cash Git-R-Free
$45 100 Forcebucks

OurLoot2Boot liliJust Listedlili
$15 Newbie (1 offer for completion)
$30 60Paypal

Freebie Pop liliJust Listedlili
$30 60Freebie
$40 80Freebie
$70 120Freebie (site requires 2 credits for completion)

CustomFreebiez Just Listedlili
$25 Custom
$25 Cameras
$25 Kidz

Your Huge Rewards Just Listedlili
$30 Your
$20 Gas
$40 Audio
$50 Laptops

Monster Site
Pay upon Approval
$25 Gaming
$40 HDTV

$30 Rocketbills
$60 120.Rocketbills (site requires 2 credits to complete)
$20 Cash Parrot
$40 80 Cash Parrot (site requires 2 credits to complete)

$25 Paypal upon approval
$20 Cash
$30 Big Cash
$45 Double Cash (site requires 2 credits to complete)upon approval
$20 Ipod
$20 Playstation
$45 Xbox 360 (site requires 2 credits to complete)
$20 Gifts

Wish 4 Free
$15 Easy Cash Out
$25 Huge Cash Out
$15 Quick Cash Out
$20 Cash
$45 Big Paypal (site requires 2 credits to complete) Upon Approval
$70 Treasury (site requires 4 credits to complete)

Dollar Deal
$40 Double Cash
$25 Cash
$15 Half Cash

Money Bonanzas
All upon approval
$15 Half
$25 Cash
$45 Gifts (site requires 2 credits for completion)
$75 (sites requires 3 credits for completion)

$20 40Oasis
$20 Xbox
$20 Cash
$20 Wii
$20 Giftcards
$30 PS3
$40 80Oasis (site requires 2 credits for completion)
NOCC sites
$20 40CC (site requires 4 credits for completion)
$10 20CC (site requires 2 credits for completion)

$25 50ExpressBux
$40 Gaming

V-Bux Sites
$10 Quicker N Easier
$20 Quick N Easy
$50 High Rollers
$50 Christmas upon approval
$40 Sony
$40 Dell
$40 Apple
$40 Bose
$30 Logitech

I also have some Trainn sites, if those interests you just message me!

Hope You See Something You Like!

The dollar amount before each site is what I'm offering to pay for you to go green on the site. All payments are paid upon green status with the exception of those stating upon approval.
If you don't see something don't hesitate to ask.

Your success is a key to my happiness!!


22-08-2008 10:35:31

It's finally Friday!!