TRAINN's for $90!!! on green

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15-08-2008 13:06:43

I'm Willing To pay $90 on Green (Signup and complete one offer) My Link is http//

After You Have Completed An offer (Ringtone One Is The Best Its free and no credit card needed) Email me with you Paypal,egold,alertpay Link Thanks


16-08-2008 11:34:28

Awsome Tahnks Joshiebar300493 I hav Recived My 90 And My 3 Green's Happily Go Green First For You On Any Other Sites You Want Me To Do If I Havn't Already Done Then Thanks Again Mate


16-08-2008 11:42:33

Noway Cheers mate I Have Recived My payment Im Happy To Trade With You Agen Sometime


16-08-2008 14:00:25

Read the rules then PM me telling me what you did wrong. Then I'll unlock.