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11-08-2008 14:46:37

[b475cfbb4fb]Welcome to my Trading Thread.[/b475cfbb4fb]

First off, let me thank you for checking out my thread. There are many here at the FLR and you have happened to stumble into mine. That is good because I can show you how to make the most money faster and give you great support as you are learning. I learned from some great mentors and some things I learned on the way. I made over 500 my first week and it felt great and so can you!

So looking to make quick easy money?
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Here is what I have to offer

[u475cfbb4fb][i475cfbb4fb][b475cfbb4fb]August Specials[/b475cfbb4fb][/i475cfbb4fb][/u475cfbb4fb]
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[u475cfbb4fb][i475cfbb4fb][b475cfbb4fb]Easy Beginners Sites[/b475cfbb4fb][/i475cfbb4fb][/u475cfbb4fb]
ZeroPriceTags - ZeroPricetags[=http//zeropricetags.com]ZeroPriceTags - ZeroPricetags- Paying $25 on GREEN
Cash FreeForAllMankind.com[=http//cash.freeforallmankind.com]Cash FreeForAllMankind.com- Paying $25 on GREEN
Cash 40.PrizeOasis.com[=http//40.prizeoasis.com]Cash 40.PrizeOasis.com- Paying $25 on GREEN
CashRewards.Git-R-Free.com[=http//cashrewards.git-r-free.com]CashRewards.Git-R-Free.com- Paying $25 on GREEN
appleproducts.git-r-free.com[=http//appleproducts.git-r-free.com]appleproducts.git-r-free.com - paying $25 on green.

[u475cfbb4fb][i475cfbb4fb][b475cfbb4fb]Moderate Sites[/b475cfbb4fb][/i475cfbb4fb][/u475cfbb4fb]
paypal.2dollardeal.com[=http//paypal.2dollardeal.com]paypal.2dollardeal.com- Paying $35 on GREEN
YourHugeRewards.com[=http//yourhugerewards.com]YourHugeRewards.com- Paying $35 on GREEN
RocketBills.com[=http//rocketbills.com]RocketBills.com- Paying $35 on GREEN
Gifts Money Bonanzas[=http//gifts.moneybonanzas.com]Gifts Money Bonanzas- Paying $45 on GREEN

[u475cfbb4fb][i475cfbb4fb][b475cfbb4fb]High Paying Sites[/b475cfbb4fb][/i475cfbb4fb][/u475cfbb4fb]
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[u475cfbb4fb][i475cfbb4fb][b475cfbb4fb]Trainn Sites[/b475cfbb4fb][/i475cfbb4fb][/u475cfbb4fb]

You may look at these prices and wonder why I am paying more than anyone else? Well I was new at this like you and wanted more than I received, so I am helping you out by paying you what you deserve.

So see something that interests you? I hope so, because it is all easy money.
Do not sign up at any of these sites without contacting me first.
To get started either PM me or message me on AIM at HarshVFX.

I am online all the time, almost all day. So it will not be a problem for you to get the answers to your questions when you need them.


11-08-2008 15:26:41

Welcome to FiPG dude. )


11-08-2008 20:33:15

Thanks for the welcome =]


14-08-2008 14:36:11

Its a good day to make some money. Contact me if you thin you are ready.
My Success is only built by your Success.