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06-08-2008 10:07:49

[b072d914429]I understand I am new and will probably have to wait for approval which is fine!! [/b072d914429]
I will [b072d914429]respond to those who offer the most money[/b072d914429] and have a Trade Record more than 5.

Again I will respond to those who offer the most money pls be patient as I want to do this the right. Thanks

I am paypal verified as well!


06-08-2008 10:30:00

Hello and welcome to FIPG!

I have the following 1 credit sites available

http// $50

http// $20

http// $30

http// $30

http// $30

http// $25

PM me for any links you would like to do.


06-08-2008 11:22:25

hello...i am working on a great site will pm you///welcome

sandra habina

06-08-2008 11:34:28

Welcome to FIPG, I will be very glad to help you dear. You can check my TR record and profile feedback. I have some very easy 1 offer sites that do credit fast and I pay on green.

PM sent with more info.


06-08-2008 12:53:49

Hey, Id Love to help you, Please look below this post and click the link to see my sites I have. I also have +16 TR so, I meet your qualifications. I am also paying 60% on all sites, so on a $40 site, you get $25, on $60, you get $36, on $80, you get $48! Thats what I have to offer, please pm me for links, and information on how to proceed, thanks!


06-08-2008 21:40:27

Check out my trade thread to see what I'm paying and what sites I have.



06-08-2008 23:42:00

I have a LOT of sites for just 1 offer that Im paying 20-25 for


07-08-2008 07:03:10

Pm u now! )


07-08-2008 07:08:31

Hey! Welcome aboard FiPG! I'll PM you about my 4 websites. Which range from 1/2 credit to 3 credit.

They are with the MoneyBonanzas network, which has GREAT AND FAST customer support and MCR (Missing Credit Request) service.

The prices range from $10-$100 and I even have a deal going on where you can get 100% payout.