$50 on green for 1 credit site!!

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03-08-2008 11:07:23

I'm paying $50 on green for http//www.freebies4me.net/viewoffers.php
This is not my ref link, so don't sign up until we communicate.

I am experienced, but new to the site, so I can help walk you through the process from start to finish.

This site is forever green, and repeatable. Just 1 referral to cash out!

Great for beginners. Get paid by me to green, then trade ref for ref and use the money from them to complete more offers, or pay others for refs. It's an easy site to green on, and the amount of time it takes, you won't make this much elsewhere!

I completed this site for about $10, but if you are new than you can complete it cheaper than that!!

I am more than willing to help you make money, so let's get started!

Just let me know if you're interested, or if you have any other questions. I am pretty much always around, so message me or post here and we'll get started!