HELLO!!! Need a couple referals on yourPS34free.com, $25 Tra

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01-08-2008 15:31:37

Hey! I need a couple referals on my trainn site, yourPS34free.com. If anyone is interested feel free to shoot me a PM! I can help you if this is your first time as well!! $25 on Green as long as you have TR>3!!


03-08-2008 17:57:03

My TR has gone up a couple now too!!


04-08-2008 19:05:04

Anyone interested?


05-08-2008 11:35:43

Hey superman22x! I will PM you..hopefully we can work together again!


06-08-2008 18:39:20

Yeah, great working with you last time!! Hope we can work something out again!!