Looking to sign up for blockbuster,Vonage and sat. TV

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30-07-2008 15:34:36

Any site you have that will allow me to green instantly and credit me 1/2 a credit or more for any of these offers
I would like, not mandatory, for a site that gives me full credit and you can pay me $40 or better to go green.
I will consider trade record,karma and what you can pay me to decide.
I also expect to get paid when I turn green.
Hope I covered everything
I did forget something, I want to sign up for block,vonage, ect...
Not just those 3 things, those are just 3 things I am shopping for, not the only ones, just the priority!


30-07-2008 16:00:20

i have a site will credit you 3/4 for blockbuster