$37 for YourFreeiPhone.com TRAINN BEST OFFER!!

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16-07-2008 13:30:25

Thanks for checking out my thread! Its been a while since I've opened a trading thread on FiPG. Been out of the trading world for some time, but I could use the money now!


I need 10 Referrals for YourFreeiPhone.com (TRAINN)
I am pay $37 a Referral! This is more than what people usually pay.
If you have lower TR than me, I will pay on GREEN.
If you have higher TR than me, I will pay before you sign up, but I will first make sure your not a scammer.

$37 for 1 Green on YourFreeiPhone[/size00f37b962c][/color00f37b962c]

1. This can be you
2. This can be you
3. This can be you
4. This can be you
5. This can be you
6. This can be you
7. This can be you
8. This can be you
9. This can be you
10. This can be you

Don't scam me.

Thanks for looking! PM me!


16-07-2008 16:56:41

Would like to do a referrel for $37


20-07-2008 19:47:59



20-07-2008 21:02:59

PM me or email= email=CWJ0013@gmail.comCWJ0013@gmail.com email=CWJ0013@gmail.comCWJ0013@gmail.com/email
or go ahead and set it up