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12-07-2008 20:48:33

[ba1bed97d34]Newbies welcome! $30[/sizea1bed97d34] bonus for completing all of my sites![/ba1bed97d34][/colora1bed97d34]

I pay an increased amount of dollars for each GREEN. Sites are listed in order of difficulty, please green them in this order.
For completion of my first site I pay $20, for the second $22, $24 for third, $26 for forth, and $28 for fifth!

1) [ba1bed97d34][color=bluea1bed97d34]OurLoot2Boot[/colora1bed97d34][=http//60.ourloot2boot.com/][color=bluea1bed97d34]OurLoot2Boot[/colora1bed97d34][/ba1bed97d34].....................................................$20
2) [ba1bed97d34][color=bluea1bed97d34]CashRewards.Git-R-Free.com[/colora1bed97d34][=http//CashRewards.Git-R-Free.com/?r=14916][color=bluea1bed97d34]CashRewards.Git-R-Free.com[/colora1bed97d34][/ba1bed97d34].............................$22
3) [ba1bed97d34][color=bluea1bed97d34]www.Freebies4Me.net[/colora1bed97d34][=http//www.freebies4me.net/?ref=2911][color=bluea1bed97d34]www.Freebies4Me.net[/colora1bed97d34][/ba1bed97d34]........................................$24
4) [ba1bed97d34][color=bluea1bed97d34]RocketBills - Not Just Fast, Rocket Fast![/colora1bed97d34][=http//www.rocketbills.com][color=bluea1bed97d34]RocketBills - Not Just Fast, Rocket Fast![/colora1bed97d34][/ba1bed97d34]............$26
5) [ba1bed97d34][color=bluea1bed97d34]PHPAudit Order System[/colora1bed97d34][=http//60.MacroBucks.com][color=bluea1bed97d34]PHPAudit Order System[/colora1bed97d34][/ba1bed97d34]......................................$28

And, to make deal even sweeter, if you will complete in 5 days

[ba1bed97d34]3 sites Iíll pay you $20 bonus! ------> For a total of $86![/ba1bed97d34]

[ba1bed97d34]4 sites Iíll pay you $25 bonus! ------> For a total of $117![/ba1bed97d34]

[ba1bed97d34]5 sites Iíll pay you $30 bonus! ------> For a total of $150![/ba1bed97d34][/colora1bed97d34][/sizea1bed97d34]

I pay promptly for every green so if you decide to stop at any point you will still be paid for the sites you have greened on.

I pay by PayPal. Newbies, I provide all the help you might need! http//www.paypal.com/en_US/i/icon/verification_seal.gif[" alt=""/imga1bed97d34][=https//www.paypal.com/us/verified/pal=gkrebill%40comcast%2enet][img="a1bed97d34]http//www.paypal.com/en_US/i/icon/verification_seal.gif[" alt=""/imga1bed97d34][/url]

Send me a private message I'll set trades in your Trade Manager (TR), and letís make some $$$


13-07-2008 17:39:12

Lat's make this week profitable!


13-07-2008 20:08:38

2 things...

1) Please edit your location information. You aren't allowed to artificially inflate your credibility by referencing your reputation on other sites. For more information, please visit the following thread


edit Oh wait, I see you've posted in there. I'll be sure to get on your question.

2) Be careful about bumping. Remember, you may bump once every 24 hours.


14-07-2008 04:31:05

Dear J4320,

Why do you think I "artificially inflated" my credentials? I didn't even specifies them. My mentioning of another trading forum just allow other traders to check my credentials (I use the same nick on all forums I am trading and planing to trade. I earned all credentials I have.




16-07-2008 15:40:33

Well a while ago we mods have come to the decision that reputation on other sites does not mean anything here - as we are not those sites. So when you say that you're a PPD Mentor or an FLR trader with lots of TR there, that does mean anything here and it artificially boosts your credibility here. Here at FiPG we only look within this site. You may in fact be a far more suited trader than the next user with 1 TR, but here we look only within FiPG and in our eyes you're as credible as the next person with 1 TR. Different sites have different standards that may or may not match up to FiPG's standards. I hope you understand. If you have a problem with this then I'd recommend contacting an admin like dmorris68[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3143]dmorris68. )

So anyway, yeah, please take that information out of your "Location" on your profile. Thanks.


17-07-2008 04:58:47

I made it fit your standards.


18-07-2008 05:24:48

Want to make $150 this week ends? You can!


18-07-2008 17:48:51

[quote70a2bbaf0b="AlTep55"]I made it fit your standards.[/quote70a2bbaf0b]

Thanks for understanding. I appreciate it. ;)


19-07-2008 19:48:45

Let's beat the traffic making money on weekends is fun!


20-07-2008 17:41:22

Jump in trade and get a bonus at the end of next week!


23-07-2008 04:44:10

Jump in trade and get a bonus at the end of this week!


28-07-2008 11:05:19

Jump in trade and get a bonus at the end of this week!