Looking to start a site for a DS Lite

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04-07-2008 19:22:46

Hello everyone. )

I've been out of the freebie scene due to my hectic schedule with school and work.
Well now that I have some free time, I'm looking to get into the freebie business again D

I want to start off with a site to get a Ds Lite for my kid sister. The quicker the site the better.
Also I'm looking to do a site like trainn where refs only need to do only 1 offer.

Pm me or post any sites and I'll check em' out.


05-07-2008 10:53:47

$27 - http//www.ds.givafree.com/en/?refID=DS371 - 1offer 2 green

Pm me if you're interested.

sandra habina

05-07-2008 14:08:49

Hello and welcome back. I have a few fast crediting sites. Also have trainn - one offer. Or FFAMK - one offer. Not sure of the prizes because I always go with paypal but most let you custom order anything


05-07-2008 18:08:43

hi i have a 3 ref site for your prize. pm sent