Easy $$$ Trainn sites!!!Newby Friendly!!

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o Wako o

29-06-2008 16:49:34

Hello everyone! I need some greens on a couple Trainn sites.

I need these sites done!

PS34Free.com - (1/8 ) $50!!!![/color2a1c8ed81d]
3604free.com - $50!!! (9/9)[/color2a1c8ed81d]
desktopcomputer4free - $45 (13/12) - DONE!
YourNintendoWii4Free - $25 (6/5) - DONE!
Please fell free to PM me for my link or AIM me - xwak0x ( I appear offline) Just tell me your from FLR and ill answer.
I am Paypal Verified(1)

Lets begin to trade! Can't wait to work with you guys!


o Wako o

30-06-2008 05:52:39

Desktop & Wii are done!!
Only need 360 now! Raised price on green for the site!

o Wako o

01-07-2008 12:33:54

Updated first post with a new site!