Why You Must Trade With Me?

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24-06-2008 08:58:18

[code1e28c462a18]B-cause I am paying $50 for Rocketbills.com and $50 for 60.Macrobucks.com not to mention $30 for cashparrot and $30 for Cash.earngiftsfree.com[/code1e28c462a18]

[be28c462a18]Hi and thanks for visiting my simple trade thread[/colore28c462a18][/be28c462a18]

These are my starter sites for newbies ad experience traders too. Check them out and let me know if your interested in an honest trade.

Cash.earngiftsfree.com - $30 For Green[/colore28c462a18]

Cashparrot.com - $30 for Green[/colore28c462a18]

RocketBills.com - $50 for Green[/colore28c462a18]

60.Macrobucks - $50 for Green[/colore28c462a18]

Wii.PrizeShopper - $60 For Green[/colore28c462a18]

[be28c462a18]I will send you my ref links when ready. Looking for more addition soon[/be28c462a18]

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