$27 - I Only Need One More! Easy 1 Credit Trainn Site

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24-06-2008 00:01:08


This will be my FIRST post.

I am in need of one more referral for YourFreeiStuff.

I will pay you $27 for your green.

The last person that I paid went red the next day
so if you can hold out for a couple of days, that
would be great! This will ensure I get my verification
from you and also pay you as well.

Those are my only conditions.

As with my TR here being low, you have every reason
to NOT trust me and that's okay. I just don't want to
get scammed twice that's all.

With that being said, please post a message to let me
know that you're interested and we'll get this ball rollin'!

Thanks! wink[/size5d0ef58a9c]


24-06-2008 10:01:08

I would like to help you out! Would you be interested in G4G? PM me, let me know.