Looking to green on many sites for Cash

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20-06-2008 16:48:33

Hey guys i'm looking to green on websites that have 1 credit, quick crediting offers, that are either free or really cheap.. have done these types of things before and can go green very fast.. PM me or AIM me at DMH3500, looking for paypal offers!! thanks


20-06-2008 18:23:43

sending pm


20-06-2008 18:37:48

hello ..i am sending a pm on a site i am doing..hope to have the pleasure of working with you..terry


21-06-2008 08:59:08

Pm u now. =)

sandra habina

21-06-2008 23:59:13

I have some easy fast crediting sites. PM sent with more info.


26-06-2008 18:24:41


I have some very easy train and sites you can cash out on an unlimited amount of time. I would be more than happy to guide you step-by-step on this wonderful journey to creating some fast cash. So if you want to work with an honest trader who will indeed pay you half your money upfront, feel free to pm me! I have tons of easy sites that credit fast and they’re unlimited!!!!!


26-06-2008 18:54:40

These sites only require 1 offer to credit.

Iphone.GivaFree --> $30
Custom.GivaFree --> $30
YourPS34Free --> $30

I pay on green


30-06-2008 21:42:33

Hi PM'ing you