$20 for signing up and completing just ONE offer!

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19-06-2008 13:35:14

Hi Everyone,

I need referrals to sign up for an account at yourgiftcards4free.com. The account is totally free, there is no contract or hidden costs. The requirements are that you must be at least 16 years old and reside in the US or in Canada. You can only sign up for one account and only one account is allowed per household.

In order for this to work, you must complete one Level A Offer or 50 points worth of Level B Offers through my referral link. If you do not sign up through my referral link, then you will not be credited. Please make sure that my email (wilburmoose@gmail.com) is displayed as the person who referred you before you sign up.

It literally takes 3 minutes to sign up for the free account and a maximum of 10 minutes to sign up for one of the free offers. The most important thing to remember is that users may only participate and receive credit for unique completions. If you have previously signed up or have an account with the advertiser, you will not receive credit and risk your account being locked as advertisers limit offers to one per individual. So, if you have previously signed up for a specific trial then you cannot sign up for it again because you will not be credited.

Visit yourgiftcards4free.com for more information including their full Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Your compensation for signing up and completing the offer/offers will be $20 and the trade will be completely done throught the Trades Application. Once I am notified that you have completed the requirements, I will compensate you within a few hours. Most of the offers credit your account instantly or in the same day while other offers might take 1-2 business days. All of the offers state how long it takes them to be credited, so you will know exactly what to expect. Please contact me anytime if you have any other questions or concerns, I usually respond right away. Another important thing to remember is that I require referrals to complete the required offer/offers within 4 business days from the day in which they signed up.

If you are interested, please respond with a post or PM me and I will send you the referral link. Thank you!