Trainn Sites! Paying $25-$45 on Green!!! Paypal Verified.

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o Wako o

18-06-2008 18:43:30

Here's the sites I'm working on completing - $45 (I have 6/12) - $30 (I have 0/6) - $25 (I have 0/8 )

I love TRAINN sites. 1 offer = 1 credit. No having to do 2-4 offers to get 1 credit.
All payouts via paypal on green (within 24hrs). You must remain green or I will expect a refund. I am paypal verified.

BONUS - If you do two sites I will pay you an extra $20
PM me if interested. We must set up the deal through the "Trade Manager".
I'm available on AIM as well ( xwak0x )
Thanks for checking out my post!
Let's all make some money!


18-06-2008 19:43:25

Take the ref link out of your sig. PM me when you have done this so I can unlock your thread. ;)