HELP SAVE A LIFE! Please go green for me

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17-06-2008 10:31:47

Just about 3 months ago, my wife and I welcomed a new addition to our household. His name is Aron and he is very sweet. Right from the beginning, we noticed that he had a very unique personality that everyone loved. However, that personality is starting to fade. It seems that Aron has developed a form of neurological disorder. He barely eats any more and his movements are awkward and he is far less active than before. We have been treating him with a liquid medicine that appears to be helping things from getting worse, but for Aron to improve, I really believe that he needs to see a specialist. This is where we need your help. My wife and I cannot afford the only chance that Aron has to make a complete recovery. I am not one to ask for handouts, so I am still offering top dollar on these sites. I just ask that you go green on them so that I can make a little profit to put towards Aron's treatment. Every little bit will help.

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Please help me keep Aron alive. Even if it is just for another month. He has been a joy in our lives, and we treasure every moment with him.

Do this for me, and I assure you that you will be helping to save the most beautiful, lovable, entertaining, and heart-warming beta fish that this world has ever known.


18-06-2008 13:08:01

Please help Aron!


19-06-2008 13:16:14

you people have no heart (


20-06-2008 16:07:39

Aron is dying (


20-06-2008 16:10:51

Is Aron a dog?