Lots Of TRAINN Sites to Choose from - Cash Out On 1 Reerral

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14-06-2008 07:44:20

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[color=indigod1f28d13d7][size=18d1f28d13d7][bd1f28d13d7]In business you must stay ahead of your competition by offer lower competitive prices and competive service. In the case of trading you have to pay more than the competive traders to convince people to trade wit you. Having a successful business also depends on repeat customers or in this case, people greening for you more than once. That is why I pay up o $28 on sites that others would normally only pay $20 for and $50 on sote people would normally pay $40 for. Even though my profit is very small I will make more in repeat busines and everyone is happy.[/bd1f28d13d7][/sized1f28d13d7][/colord1f28d13d7]

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[size=24d1f28d13d7][color=redd1f28d13d7][bd1f28d13d7]First Timer?[/bd1f28d13d7][/colord1f28d13d7][/sized1f28d13d7]

[size=18d1f28d13d7][color=indigod1f28d13d7][bd1f28d13d7]When completing an offer please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the offer. Be fully aware of when the free trial period ends and attemp the use the service before canceling. You might actually like it. If you have access to a spreadsheep program keep track of all the offers you do so that you dont forget to cancel.

Make sure you clear cookies then log out and log back in before doing each offer and when compleating an offer make sure you wait on the final page of the offer for 2 to 3 minutes. If you are nervous and need additional help pleae let me know and we can chat through Yahoo, MSN, or AIM or over the phone for some 1 on 1 choaching.

Happy Trading )[/bd1f28d13d7][/colord1f28d13d7][/sized1f28d13d7]