Whoring myself out so you can get the goods.

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13-06-2008 15:00:15

I'm 18, got myself a debit card, and have been out of this for too long. The more money I'm offered, the more willing I am. I'm down with paying $20 so I can make $60, etc. If I profit at least $40, I'm down. Let me know what you want me to do.

Edit I've gone green before a long time ago, got myself a psp and $100.
Edit2 I'm paypal verified and live in the United States.


13-06-2008 19:54:36

I'll take you up on the offer.. send me a PM!!

sandra habina

14-06-2008 20:34:14

Welcome - I have Plasmas.ZPT 2 credit easy offers - PAYS $55 ON GREEN. PM sent with more info.