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Hello my name is Nicole and I have been working freebie sites for over a year now and am support for the network CustomFreebiez.

[size=1888da26c033]Want instant help now? IM me at Ilovecandles7 on all Internet messaging systems.[/size88da26c033]

I have been paid by all of the sites I have listed below at least once so I know they are legit and do pay out when they say they will. I look forward to helping you get started today.

If you see a site you think you may like to do please click on it first. It will take you to the offers page where you can review them and make sure you can complete the required amount before we set up the trade.

I look forward each day to helping anyone get started.

I have the following sites I am working to complete and will pay on green.
[img="88da26c033]http//[" alt=""/img88da26c033]
-$20.00 1 credit site
-$20.00 1 credit site
-$20.00 1 credit site
-$5.00 1 credit site FREE NO CC required site

[b88da26c033]BRAND NEW WISH 4 FREE SITES!![/b88da26c033]
[url==http//]Easycashout.wish4free[=http//]Easycashout.wish4free[/url] - $10.00 1 credit
[url==http//]Quickcashout.wish4free[=http//]Quickcashout.wish4free[/url] - $15.00 1 credit
[url==http//]Hugecashout.wish4free[=http//]Hugecashout.wish4free[/url] - $25.00 1 credit

[b88da26c033]ZIP NADA ZILCH![/b88da26c033]
[url==http//]Paypal.ZipNadaZilch[=http//]Paypal.ZipNadaZilch[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site
[url==http//]Gifts.ZipNadaZilch[=http//]Gifts.ZipNadaZilch[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site
[url==http//]Iphones.ZipNadaZilch[=http//]Iphones.ZipNadaZilch[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site
[url==http//]Ipods.ZipNadaZilch[=http//]Ipods.ZipNadaZilch[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site
[url==http//]Playstation.ZipNadaZilch[=http//]Playstation.ZipNadaZilch[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site
[url==http//]Wii.ZipNadaZilch[=http//]Wii.ZipNadaZilch[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site
[url==http//]Xbox.ZipNadaZilch[=http//]Xbox.ZipNadaZilch[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site

[b88da26c033]INCENTIVE REWARDS!![/b88da26c033]
[url==http//]Paypal.IncentiveRewards[=http//]Paypal.IncentiveRewards[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site
[url==http//]Consumer.IncentiveRewards[=http//]Consumer.IncentiveRewards[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site
[url==http//]Consumer.IncentiveRewards[=http//]Consumer.IncentiveRewards[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site

[b88da26c033]CUSTOM ORDER THIS!![/b88da26c033]
[url==http//]Cash.CustomOrderThis[=http//]Cash.CustomOrderThis[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site

[b88da26c033]Rocket Bills!![/b88da26c033]
[url==http//]Rocket Bills[=http//]Rocket Bills[/url] - [b88da26c033]$28.00 [/b88da26c033]1 credit site

[b88da26c033]Cash Parrot[/b88da26c033]
[url==http//]Cash Parrot[=http//]Cash Parrot[/url] - $20.00 1 credit site

Each of the above I will pay on green the amount shown.

All of my sites are Fully Repeatable meaning you only have to green on them one time and therefore being able to cash out over and over again without doing more offers!!

If interested in any of these please PM me or feel free to instant message me I am Ilovecandles7 on both aim and yahoo.

The links above ARE NOT the referral links so please do not sign up under those. I am Pay pal Verified and will pay on green.

PM for quick reply!!

My Trading rules
liThose that I pay green if you red after approval, I will expect a refund.
liIf I have not heard from you within 14 days after I have contacted you, I will cancel the trade.
liIf you are not pay pal verified you will wait for approval before being paid. NO exceptions.
liI hold the right at anytime to pay you on approval if I find anything suspicious about you, your account, or any prior trades or posts you have made.
liliDon't let my rules scare you. They are just to cover me and normally do not happen but just in case it is in place.

[b88da26c033]By confirming a trade with me you agree to the rules stated above.[/b88da26c033]
[img="88da26c033]http//[" alt=""/img88da26c033]

Thank you for reading my post. I hope to work with you soon.


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