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04-06-2008 13:43:47

[be81e612df6]Welcome to My Trade Thread [/be81e612df6]D

Hello I am so glad you came to my thread. Trade with me I have
a lot of great sites for you to choose from. I am paypal verified and will
pay once you go green. I have been working on the flr for two months now and have several great sites even TRAINN sites available.
I will help you with any questions you have and guide you through so we can all make money fast.

[ue81e612df6]I will pay $22 per green for these easy sites[/ue81e612df6]

[ue81e612df6]I will pay $25 for green on these TRAINN sites[/ue81e612df6]

[ue81e612df6]$25 for these sites[/ue81e612df6]

[ue81e612df6]$30 for these sites[/ue81e612df6]

[ue81e612df6]Other sites[/ue81e612df6] - $50.00 - $65.00

I will pay as soon as you go green through paypal.
If you go red after being paid I will expect full refund.
Any question PM or email= me at me at



15-06-2008 11:11:22

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