1 EASY credit = $60 for YOU! Turn $6 into $60 in minutes!

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01-06-2008 15:44:37

No, flashy graphics or razzle-dazzle here. Just real, cold, hard, cash.

Spend as little as $6 total completing just two painless, easy offers, and be rewarded with $60 right to your PayPal account. That's right, anyone who goes green for me on 60.macrobucks during the month of June will be paid a full $60. This offer WILL END at 1159PM on June 30th, so don't sit around on your thumbs.

I am also paying GUARANTEED highest payouts on the whole Macrobucks network. If you see someone offering more than what I have listed below, let me know and I WILL BEAT IT.

40.macrobucks (1 credit) $40
giftcards.macrobucks (1 credit) $40
60.macrobucks (1 credit) $60!! BEST DEAL!!
80.macrobucks (2 credits) $80
apple.macrobucks (2 credits) $80
lcds.macrobucks (2 credits) $80
laptops.macrobucks (3 credits) $125 (this is a $120/ref site, I must be crazy!!!)

reply or PM me if you are interested. I also have 50+ other sites if you want to do something other than Macrobucks


02-06-2008 17:07:58



03-06-2008 17:58:06

who wants to get PAID?


05-06-2008 19:16:40

come get some!


07-06-2008 12:50:34

to the top


08-06-2008 14:34:12

plenty of $$$ to go around


10-06-2008 17:24:43

still going


24-06-2008 15:51:40

just 6 days left


25-06-2008 16:30:23

down to 5 days