Hi! I'm Starting Fresh.. Can Complete Offers ASAP NEED HELP!

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31-05-2008 19:23:10

Hi Everyone oops
My name is Christopher, feels good to be here. 8) Well, because I am new to this and I wish to be able to complete as many offers as possible I need someone who need multiple simple websites from the same company.

Sorry, if my English is not very good. I'm not sure P

Also, if anyone is open to help me out with this because I am just experimenting this, seeing if i can many a buck or two wink I would greatly appreciate it!




31-05-2008 19:40:01

I'll give you a hand.. PM me and we can get started!!


31-05-2008 19:47:10

Moved to the Cash section. ;)


26-06-2008 18:32:24


I have some very easy train and sites you can cash out on an unlimited amount of time. I would be more than happy to guide you step-by-step on this wonderful journey to creating some fast cash. So if you want to work with an honest trader who will indeed pay you half your money upfront, feel free to pm me! I have tons of easy sites that credit fast and they’re unlimited!!!!!


27-06-2008 09:28:08

Will definitely wonna work with you. Do PM me anytime when you are ready.


27-06-2008 10:14:30

hi you can green for free on my site


30-06-2008 21:37:26

I would love to help you. I have several 1 credit / 1 offer sites that pay well and are perfect for beginners. PM me if interested)


01-07-2008 11:26:03

Hi. I need another green to close out my site. Nice easy Trainn site.
Great place to get started.

Trade thread http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=75376

Let me know.


01-07-2008 12:04:11

hi i have a site or two i would love help on..please pm me ans we can set somehthing up--terry


08-07-2008 13:36:30

Hey... simple gaming.free4me.net .... PM if your interestes 25 upon green.


08-07-2008 13:37:36

[b1d6a10a942]$35 on green...1 credit sites...ready to go? Let me know[/color1d6a10a942][/b1d6a10a942][/size1d6a10a942]


09-07-2008 07:43:13

R u still looking?