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29-05-2008 11:58:14

[b074c7bbcac]Hello and welcome to my trade thread!

If you are NEW[/color074c7bbcac] and looking to make easy money [/color074c7bbcac]just for going green
then you have to come to right place!

If you're feeling lost and don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have!

All of the sites listed below are 1 credit[/color074c7bbcac], newbie friendly, forever green & repeatable sites. I monitor my sites and only promote those which are easy to green and offer excellent customer service. So go trought the sites to see what they are offering and what kind of offer you will have to complete to get your "GREEN".[/color074c7bbcac]

[u074c7bbcac]Important[/u074c7bbcac] [/color074c7bbcac]These are not my referral links.
Do not sign up using these links. Otherwise you will not be paid.
You will receive my actual referral links once we have agreed to a trade.

I pay lightning fast on green[/color074c7bbcac]

http//[" alt=""/img074c7bbcac]

[size=18074c7bbcac][color=red074c7bbcac]MY EASY SITES[/b074c7bbcac][/color074c7bbcac][/size074c7bbcac] (These are very good sites to start with to get more experience )

http// ($22)
http// ($22)
http// - Git-R-Free Cash Rewards ($22)
http// - Get a Free Nintendo Wii ($22)
http// - FREE CASH ($22)
[b074c7bbcac] [color=red074c7bbcac](Max 2 offers to go green + green for $2 or less!) [/color074c7bbcac] [/b074c7bbcac]
[color=red074c7bbcac]Bonus 1 Go green on any site in 24 hours and receive $3 extra per site.
Bonus 2 Complete all my sites and receive an extra 10$[/color074c7bbcac]

In order to make money , you do have to spend money but if you work on my sites ,
you will spend a lot less and make a lot more! Invest your money wisely and you can make plenty of $$$ while spending very little like me!

[img="074c7bbcac]http//[" alt=""/img074c7bbcac]

[color=red074c7bbcac][u074c7bbcac]Some things to know before trading[/u074c7bbcac][/color074c7bbcac]
liNever sign up for the same site more than once.
liNever sign up for the same offer more than once.
liALWAYS use your real info!
liClear your cookies before you start and after you complete a site.
liAOL and other proxies are not allowed.

[color=red074c7bbcac][u074c7bbcac]My rules are simple[/u074c7bbcac][/color074c7bbcac]
1. Must be [color=blue074c7bbcac][u074c7bbcac]PAYPAL[/u074c7bbcac][/color074c7bbcac] Verified
2. Must remain [color=green074c7bbcac][u074c7bbcac]GREEN[/u074c7bbcac][/color074c7bbcac] or refund within 48 HOURS will be expected
3. Be specific when sending PM with interest to a site.
4. DO NOT join a site if you have no interest in actually doing the [color=green074c7bbcac][u074c7bbcac]GREEN[/u074c7bbcac][/color074c7bbcac]

[size=18074c7bbcac] [color=red074c7bbcac] Ok, are you ready to get down to business? [/color074c7bbcac] [/size074c7bbcac]

If you want to trade, please reply here or click here to [url==http//][color=red074c7bbcac]PM[/color074c7bbcac][=http//][color=red074c7bbcac]PM[/color074c7bbcac][/url] me
and I will get back to you as soon as possible![/b074c7bbcac][img="][" alt=""/img][img="][" alt=""/img][b074c7bbcac][/b074c7bbcac]


15-06-2008 20:57:51

Hello... would you like to make some money?

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