New here but not a newbie; high payouts for v-bux $ Trainn

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28-05-2008 17:56:43


I have been trading on other forums and just recently
found out about this one. I would like to build my rating
here by working with traders with TR of 4 or higher but
I will consider doing business with anyone. I am PayPal
verified and pay on green. These are my sites

V-BUX sites
Sony-vbux $60
Quick n Easy-vbux $25
Quick n Easier-vbux $15
Highrollers-vbux $75
Christmas-vbux $60
Dell-vbux $60
Apple-vbux $45
Bose-vbux $45
Logitech-vbux $25


Trainn sites
YourIpodNano4Free $30
360Elite4Free $30