$30 on green for TRAINN site: YourIpodNano4Free.com

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=75792


24-05-2008 08:49:02

Guys I'm really wanting to finish up this site before I move on to some others.

TRAINN site youripodnano4free.com. Lots of great easy offers, no offers of doom. I'll pay via paypal quickly, same day if possible. I'll pay $30 per green.

Please help me out. Still have 4 refs to go.


25-05-2008 09:07:18

Guys, this would be my 4th freebie. I received an ipod, video ipod, and mac mini through freepay with the help of my friends. But they have quit the freebie circuit. Didn't need trades before, hence my low trade record. But I've been a member here for sometime.

This will be a smooth transaction. You'll get karma. I'd love to get this site completed over the holiday weekend.

Thanks in advance.