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22-05-2008 18:48:08

http//[" alt=""/img37f03224d6]

D IT TRULY IS NOT A SCAM BUT THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT TOO!D[/b37f03224d6][/color37f03224d6][/size37f03224d6]

[color=green37f03224d6][b37f03224d6]Short on PM's? Contact me through YIM! Help is just an IM away! margot5301 Be sure to post here first, so I know who you are ;)

D I WILL ALSO BE GLAD TO WORK WITH YOU BY PHONE D [/b37f03224d6][/color37f03224d6][/size37f03224d6]

After doing surveys for about 6 months, and making a few cents here and there, for a lot of time and effort, I came across something that really works...this. Naturally it sounded too good to be true, but it actually changed my life! It took courage and a leap of faith, and I am so glad I did it. I also had a very helpful teacher, and she is why I am still here.

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[size=1837f03224d6]My terms. You must be PayPal verified, confirm our trade and fill in your contact information in the trade module (I will be glad to help you with this), you must also sign up and attempt to green within 72 hours. If you do not contact me for 7 days (without prior notice) I reserve the right to completely cancel our trade. If at any time [b37f03224d6]you [/b37f03224d6]wish to cancel our trade, and no money has passed hands, please simply notify me. This goes without saying, but if you do go red, I will expect a full refund. wink[/size37f03224d6]


22-05-2008 20:52:59

Hi, I'm a newbie looking for a mentor. Thanks, D


25-05-2008 14:06:55

[bcd6805461e]Time to bump![/bcd6805461e][/colorcd6805461e][/sizecd6805461e] D


26-05-2008 14:10:21

[b6c706becad]Up we go...Let's make some money together! D [/b6c706becad][/color6c706becad][/size6c706becad]


28-05-2008 07:31:56

[bfaa257b1d3]Up Up Up She Goes![/bfaa257b1d3][/sizefaa257b1d3][/colorfaa257b1d3] D D D


28-05-2008 20:43:15

I learned all this from my mom. She told me all about it.. Can you help me?? Thanks

Chris ;)


31-05-2008 13:14:29

[quotea32dab6496="AlwaysnForever2008"]I learned all this from my mom. She told me all about it.. Can you help me?? Thanks

Chris ;)[/quotea32dab6496]

[ba32dab6496]Hey there Chris!

You bet!

Thanks so much,

Margot wink [/ba32dab6496][/colora32dab6496][/sizea32dab6496]


01-06-2008 15:59:14

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[b765b54454b]FLYING HIGHER AND HIGHER!!![/color765b54454b][/b765b54454b][/size765b54454b]


10-06-2008 14:53:06

[b9d3e9de9cf]Any one want some easy[/b9d3e9de9cf][/color9d3e9de9cf] [/size9d3e9de9cf][b9d3e9de9cf]$$$$[/b9d3e9de9cf][/size9d3e9de9cf][/color9d3e9de9cf] ?

[b9d3e9de9cf]Going up again![/b9d3e9de9cf][/color9d3e9de9cf][/size9d3e9de9cf]


12-06-2008 10:56:19

[b55f1e52abf]Bumping it up D D [/b55f1e52abf][/color55f1e52abf][/size55f1e52abf]


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Up she goes!! ;)


19-06-2008 20:06:07

[bd116c64708]Too the Moon Alice![/colord116c64708][/sized116c64708][/bd116c64708]

lol lol lol


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Bumpity Bumpity![/colorc85ee08409][/sizec85ee08409]


22-06-2008 08:54:05

interested in the no cc site.


23-06-2008 18:16:40

[quote2dea10717b="bobbyfx"]interested in the no cc site.[/quote2dea10717b]

[b2dea10717b]Thank you so much! Bobby is a great trader folks.

I have more money to go around...anyone else want a share of the pie?

Remeber, I am happy to help over Yahoo IM or phone![/b2dea10717b][/color2dea10717b][/size2dea10717b]


26-07-2008 13:19:53

Hey there, Margot!

I am brand new at this and would like a mentor to help me get going and try this out. I've read a lot! If you would be interested in helping me, let me know what I should do next.

Thanks! ?



01-08-2008 21:05:54

Margot, I want to trade with you. As most others have said, I too am new as heck! I, like you, started via surveys and luckily stumbled across the information to do this. To think, I was using my CC to earn pennies before! PM me please, I'd like to go green on a few of yours if possible. Need to be told what to do exactly. Thanks!