Looking to complete Forcebucks,vbux,2dollardeal

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19-05-2008 04:25:30

Hello, do you need a green on any of the sites I mentioned above? If you do please PM me and we can set up a trade. Thanks - roger


19-05-2008 07:01:03

PM Sent


19-05-2008 08:05:14

PM sent!


19-05-2008 09:17:11

I'll pay you for 60Forcebucks. PM me.


21-05-2008 18:06:46

[quotebc17aff84e="rnr"]thatrs a fair deal and Im in - the only one you have i can do is 123stufffor free. We just have to talk about how much you will pay for it.[/quotebc17aff84e]. I can't send anymore pm's for today. Please send me AIM. CMA198161. My email= is email=CMA198161@yahoo.comCMA198161@yahoo.com is email=CMA198161@yahoo.comCMA198161@yahoo.com/email just incase you don't have AIM.

sandra habina

22-05-2008 01:35:01

Hi Roger - I have 40.FORCEBUCKS $25 ON GREEN


22-05-2008 07:06:23

I'm not trying to cockblock or anything, but I just thought that I should let everyone know that Roger owes me $115 worth of greens that I was told would be completed before he starts any other site.