$27 per green for trainn youripodnano4free.com

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16-05-2008 15:20:53

Hello everyone. I'm trying to complete my first train site (completed 3 freepay sites over the years). youripodnano4free.com

Site offers the ipod nano (plays videos) requires 5 referrals. I'm willing to pay $27 per green on the site. There are lots of good offers, including free ones. No offers of doom.

Help me out, I'm a long time member who's trying to up my trade record and get a new ipod. Thanks in advance.


1 referral down, 3 more to go


18-05-2008 10:48:28

Bump. One member helped me out. THANK YOU. I still need at least three more. Easy offers, fast paypal for you and karma )


22-05-2008 16:42:02

Still needing greens for this site. Please help.