$35 for yourfreeistuff + many more offers for you = $$$$$$

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13-05-2008 08:28:20


[b5f35d96fbc]Would you like to learn and earn with a experienced trader? I have 3+ years in the game and I'm going strong, I've made over $12,000 in my career and I'm still at it, still [u5f35d96fbc]paying[/u5f35d96fbc] my referrals, still giving advice + help and tips... and I want to add you to that list.[/b5f35d96fbc]

[u5f35d96fbc]Here's what I'm working on and here's what I'm paying.[/u5f35d96fbc][/color5f35d96fbc]

60.macrobucks.com - paying $30 on green[/color5f35d96fbc]
[b5f35d96fbc]Easy site with lots of cheap offers, 1 referral cashout![/b5f35d96fbc]

cashrewards.git-r-free.com - paying $20 on green[/color5f35d96fbc]
[b5f35d96fbc]Over 600 offers availible, you always have a offer to do[/b5f35d96fbc]

cash.freeforallmankind - paying $21 on green[/color5f35d96fbc]
[b5f35d96fbc]All offers are either full or 1/2 credit, you'll never have to complete a multitude of offers![/b5f35d96fbc]

zeropricetags - paying $20 on green [/color5f35d96fbc]
[b5f35d96fbc]Only 1 offer to go green, highly recommend for newbies [/color5f35d96fbc][/b5f35d96fbc]

yourfreeistuff - paying $35 on green[/color5f35d96fbc]
[b5f35d96fbc]Only 1 offer to go green, highly recommend for newbies (TR rules apply)[/color5f35d96fbc][/b5f35d96fbc]

[b5f35d96fbc]Interested? [u5f35d96fbc] Click here to send me a PM now!![/b5f35d96fbc][=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=590]Click here to send me a PM now!![/b5f35d96fbc][/size5f35d96fbc][/u5f35d96fbc]