Big Bonus for YourPS34free (trainn) newbies welcome easy $40

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13-05-2008 05:51:06

I need just two Just one now [/color374dcbdbf5]more to cash out on YourPS34Free, so I am offering extra $$ and a BONUS[/color374dcbdbf5] for anyone who will green on it for me.

YourPS34Free is a TraInn site and contains a lot of easy full credit offers to choose from. I am paying $30 for a green[/color374dcbdbf5], plus a $10 Bonus[/color374dcbdbf5] if green in 24 hours or a $5 Bonus[/color374dcbdbf5] if green within 72 hours. I may even consider site 4 site trading, depending on what you are working on.

PM me and let me know if you are interested.




16-05-2008 05:29:09